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02-02-2010, 12:50 PM
Today i was having very much fun with this game until i stumbled upon a mission called "Kuvah'magh" Everything is fun until i got to part where i need to enter building where supposed peace conference would be held.

First showstopper. Miral tolds me that Kligon captain has hostages. KLINGONS DO NOT TAKE HOSTAGES, they are no covards. But then i just thought that it is only a lure to get me to talk to him.. Well then i head to the building, enter and

STopper! My science officer recommends that i should kill klingons to rescue our own diplomats..

Whats the point here? I am forced to be an idiot that only knows solutions bassed on a force. I was really looking forward on this mission but why you had to make it AGAIN some of those very untrekked missions where you slay everyone?

In my opinion missions like these need to be changed ASAP!