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I never felt comfortable knowing that the original Harry Kim was left dead, frozen and floating in space in the Delta Quadrant. He was the one person who most eagerly wanted to get back to Earth but he never got to see his homeworld again. Now that X2 will give us an Iconian gateway to the Delta Quadrant, how about we go back there in a mission and retrieve his body and bring it back to Earth for a proper funeral?
After rewatching the episode on Netflix, I noticed a flaw in your overall analysis. Although the ship was split into two, the episode never talked about which one was the original. Regardless about which ship was alpha, the premise was to merge both ships into one.

Alpha-Harry Kim and Beta-Harry Kim are technically the original.

Alpha-Naomi Wildman and Beta-Naomi Wildman are technically the original.

Since there is information missing, you could technically reverse your argument. Which ship contained the original crew members? As a result of being split into two, did they both cease to be the original?


Who knows?

Its a paradox.

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