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02-02-2010, 12:23 PM
The way the Deep Space Encounters currently work is the worst pain in the game.
Form what I hear its working as intended, well its not the way it should work.

I hear this from pretty much everyone I talk to.
I set a destination for a mission I have to do, and then, while flying across sector space, I get up a loading screen.
First time this happend I was thinking What The Hell just happend, and the all of a sudden I was in a deep space encounter.
There is no warning whatsoever, and no way whatsoever to avoid it and you get dragged in against your will kicking and screaming.

Worst I had was getting jumped by no less than 4 encounters crossing the length of one single sector block.
I was trying to write a bug report on an issue I came across, when I was suddenly dragged into an encounter.
When the loading was done the bug report window had been closeed, and EVERYTHING I have written was gone, leaving me to start all over.

I can accept that you can get jumped in warp, but this is just stupid.
They just pop out of nowhere, how can you avoid something you cant see comming?
Dont matter if I use autonavigation or not, when I get attacked without even Knowing the enemy is there before I get dragged into it without any chance of avoiding it..

Another thing I noticed about this.
Say you have one of the missions to protect a sector block, and you actually go looking for an encounter.
You cannot attack random signal contacts in sector space, but they can jump you from out of nowhere forcing you to fight.
If they can attack you, why cant you attack them?
If this is meant to simulate a galaxy at war, it should be possible for both sides to attack the other, not just have one side always being the one to start the encounter.