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02-02-2010, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by Vrayel
Okay, so I am adamantly against getting yanked into a DSE when all I was doing was trying to get to my next mission location.

What am I doing when I travel through Sector space? Aren't I simulating warp travel? Who's going to run me down in warp to battle with me? Okay, my knowledge of Star Trek is not like some of you and I expect that some of you are going to say "Yes, they can attack you in warp!" so I know that's coming. But, just let me say, to the best of my knowledge, warp travel was next to void of any combat and you didn't have Klingons "spotting" you and running you down as if you're traveling at impulse. I agree that if you were to leave a battle and try to get away, then yes those enemies could chase you down via warp and you'd have a battle on your hands.

With that said, am I completely misunderstanding the idea behind Sector Space travel?

I just hate not having the choice. If I want to battle that/those Klingon(s), then I'll click "Yes" to enter the battle with them which causes me to zone into that instance.

Please don't yank me out of what I was doing to join in an instance I had no intention of joining. So many times I was reviewing a mission reward choice all to have my screen go blank and shoved into an instance I didn't want to join. I seriously hate it.
those bad guys will yank you whenever they want buddy.

sorry thats all i could think when i was reading your post each time i read the word yank haha been ages since ive seen this word used thank you.