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02-02-2010, 12:45 PM
Originally Posted by kendo33
I played a little with the Klingon side during beta and like the challenge over the Fed side. I have unlocked Klingons now live and am looking to get started on my career in the KDF.

in beta, II only had time to play with the beginning BoP and went tactical to see how it was damage-wise. on the Fed side, I have played Engineer and Science and those seem to do great with the ships they have. however, it appears that Klingon ships and more importantly, the focus on doing damage to score points in pvp to level, really seems to push one to a tactical career.

I play at odd times and usually in limited amounts of time, so will be doing a lot of soloing. while I can see a pre-set group of friends dividing up into the 3 classes to help support each other, how feasible is it to go engineering or science instead of tactical

thoughts, suggestions, sharing of your experiences with the different class types would be greatly appreciated
Very feasible. Just make it known at the start of the match that you are someones pocket healer/pocket engi.

Even if you go tac you can be support. One of the best groups I had was 2 engi 1 science 2 tactical. I was DPS tactical using debuffs and such and stealth. The used overwatch. That buff if definitely nice to have, if you have a tac officer willing to sacrifice some DPS for the benefit of the team.

That was a pug. We ended up keeping that group for 4 hours and didn't lose once. The biggest success to our winning was the science/engineers supporting the tacticals. We were free to dps and knew we'd be kept safe. If anyone came close to them, we took them out immediately.