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02-02-2010, 12:50 PM
Originally Posted by slarus View Post
It would be exteremly annoying to wait 14 days to advance a tier, especially if we are talking about building and leveling an alt.
It would be annoying *if* there weren't other in-game activities to spend your time on in the meanwhile. I covered that in the post you quoted, but you're completely glazing over it.

Originally Posted by slarus View Post
This happens in every MMO, I recall the day in EQ that the Beserker class came out, there was a max level within 24 hours and EQ was never a simple game to level in, but there are people who like and make it a matter of pride to burn through as fast as you can and some take months or longer to do the same, it happens.
You're talking about something that didn't happen at launch. Nobody reached max level in 24-48 hours when Everquest first launched. Of all advancement models to compare leveling speeds to, that's probably the last one on the list of games you should be referring to. Most modern gamers and their "gimme everything now" attitudes would probably have a breakdown trying to level today in the old original Everquest.