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I just got my order a few minutes ago from the UPS delivery guy(which I did not expect their release day delivery was true). My concern though is whether I should open the box or return the game for a refund.

You see I really would like to have the last available race as a playable character, the Joined Trill, but did not have a Digitial Delivery option for the Digitial Deluxe version of this game. Yesterday I received two Tribbles in my inventiory when visiting Vulcan Home world and doing a mission on P''Jem. This makes the Best Buy pre-order essentially useless to me as that is why I originally bought it there.

So my concern from those who have progressed to near Admiral rank, how hard is it to be assigned a Borg bridge offier do to gameplay, or this truly exclusive to the orders only?

On the above note, is there ever a chance I will unlock Joined Trill as a playable species or buy it from the C-Store relatively soon(you guys may not know the second part)? I just bought the Klingon and Ferengi playable races this morning, and was disappointed there was no Joined Trill option for a little more Microsoft Points... er, I mean Cryptic Points. [;-)]

It will likely play out like this I think in the C-store very soon, but when?

Ferengi - 80 Points - $1
Klingon - 240 Points - $3
Joined Trill - 400 Points - $5
Liberated Borg - 800 Points - $10