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02-02-2010, 01:15 PM
Originally Posted by thefrayl View Post
Vista and Games get along just fine. The OS got a bad rep, but it should work just fine now after all the patches and fixes. I had Vista for a few months this year, and while it wasn't the best I had very little problem with it. I'm absolutely loving Windows 7 64-bit now.

But any way, that Pentium D isn't exactly a champion amongst processors but that should do the job better than your 3200+. Now by 0.99GB do you mean that the machine has 1GB of ram? What kind of video card does your Pentium D machine have? This 4650 would do very nicely for STO, and falls within your 60 dollar budget by 1 cent (with free shipping and double warranty). :p
yea I think 0.99 means 1 gb and it doesnt have a graphics card so Im gonna go ahead and buy the one you showed me and get the ram from this computer and put it on the vista lol hopefully ill enjoy the game at a faster rate