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02-02-2010, 01:21 PM
The biggest downside to being a support class right now is that the game seems to reward based mostly (entirely?) off of damage dealt.

In looking at it with a science officer guildmate who does a lot of healing, we think healing counts towards your rewards (XP, medals) but definitely not 1 to 1 with damage. And utility abilities like tractor beams, holds, deployable shields, etc, don't give you any points.

In fact, one ground match he was with me the whole time, throwing heals, holds, exposes, etc, and ended up with much less reward than me and even less kills. It seemed like he could throw a hold on someone, trigger an expose, I'd vaporize the guy in one shot and I'd get all of the credit -- he wouldn't even get kill credit since he didn't do any actual damage.

That problem is in my signature roundup of Klingon issues. Be ready to dish out all the DPS you can, even as a support class, or you'll end up shafted on XP and medals.