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02-02-2010, 01:26 PM
Well, the color breakdown in the game is different than in the shows.

In the shows/movies (post TOS):
Red - Command. If your job is to order people around, you wear red.
Gold - Ship's Operations. Engineers, security, anybody who's job it is to keep the ship running wears gold.
Blue - Sciences. Doctors, chemists, astrophysists, if you do research, you wear blue.

While you'd get people like Beverly Crusher doing time on the bridge, sitting in the big chair wasn't her primary role, so she wore her standard Blues. Geordi started out as a bridge officer (command) in reds before being promoted to chief engineer, when he swapped out for gold.

Personally, my character is an engineer, but I still think captains should be in red. So, he has a red uniform with a gold undershirt and engineering comm badge as a nod to his secondary role.