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# 1 Pre-Order Items = WIN
02-02-2010, 01:34 PM
Before i entered in my CD key today, i was soo hoping i would be getting my preorder items, and guess what..... I DID, WELL DONE CRYPTIC......

I got:

Pet Shuttle
NX Ship Registry
Unique Ship Weapon - Automated Defence Battery
Klingon Bloodwine Toast Emote
Khaaaan!! Emote
Chromodynamic Armor

Brilliant stuff.

So well done cryptic for showing some of those trolls that they were wrong...

And i have seen posts really trying to damage this game, please moderators, just remove them, we do not need a few people to ruin things for us..

Before you trolls come back with the We are many, We are the Trolls, You will be assimilated, it seems to me like it is very few of you, the rest of us, and the silent majority will outweigh you in any regard.