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02-02-2010, 01:55 PM
Originally Posted by PSIRockin
I'm a decent gamer but I always figured I'd be blown out of the water by the hardcores/escorts in the fleet actions, especially as a science ship. Surprisingly, I started out in the middle of the pack and now I haven't finished outside of the green box in a dozen engagements, and placed first three times. That's neat, and I love the blue gear, but I'd hate to get to LtCmdr and find that I'm basically useless from that point on.

I know I signed on for a support/healer role, and I don't expect the game to bend over backwards to cater solely to me, but if a way could be found to reward all ships who made victory possible in their own way, that would make a huge difference. I like the honor/mark system WoW has, which rewards everyone on the winning side, and they all get to spend their share of the prize on whatever items they themselves prefer. I know a lot of people here have a grudge against WoW, but they do some things right.

Unless we want a galaxy absolutely devoid of anything but DPS, actions need to be taken to reward all classes for contributing.
I managed to place first in my SV in Open Beta, and have managed it once so far with just the T1 ship. Last night I used my Cruiser and still managed to finish in the upper-middle of the pack. There was a fair number of Crus in that particular grouping, though. And I would've done better if I'd stuck with PTorps in the aft slot instead of mines.

Otherwise, I support what you're saying wholeheartedly. During that FA I used Transfer Shield Strength when I could to bolster other players, and Engineering Team I a couple times as well. It would be nice to get rewarded for helping other players in FAs even when you're not teamed up.