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02-02-2010, 01:56 PM
Certain skills unlock the ability to train your BOffs with a rank III power. For example, the efficiency abilities at the commander rank unlock the various Emergency Power to abilities.

You can only train abilities that match your background. So an engineer can train those EP powers to his engineering BOffs, but a tactical background PC could not.

As to whether that shoehorns you, well that depends upon whether or not you care that you cannot train those abilities.

For example, in beta, my engineering based cruiser captain used EPtShields I and Engineering Crew II, with Reverse Shield Polarity II in the slot where the rank III versions of EPtShields and EC would otherwise go. So if I'd been tactical instead, I really wouldn't have cared that I couldn't train my engineering BOffs with the III version. This time around, I'm running EPtShields I, RSP I, and EC III, so the fact that I'm an engineer is helpful, although to get EC III, I had to train a skill I'd rather not have touched, a ground based one that impacts powers I don't use. Either way works fine though.