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02-02-2010, 02:58 PM
Having the deliver quests in my logs doesn't seme to hurt me in any way so working past them when inconvienient and then completing 3 in a row when the oppurtunity presents turns out to be a quick Skill point and explore point boost.

What I do with these missions when i get them is save them as an active quest and just go do another explore in the cluster to meet the "explore 3 systems" quota for the overall explore mission.

Eventually I will end up with 3 deliver goods missions, and next time I am near a trader or Starbase i get the goods for all 3, hail the commander for a new explore mission, go to the Exploration cluster and just quick continue and deliver 3 sets of good for an almost instant completion. You don't even have to move usually. Warp into the cluster and click one continue, deliver goods, warp out click continue deliver goods, warp out click continue, deliver goods. turn in the explore quest.