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02-02-2010, 02:05 PM
Although it is amusing to characterize each race as one of the three focuses presented in game (much like the thread I saw a bit ago, trying to label each captain from the series as one of the three), I really don't think most entire cultures can be summarized in such an abbreviated fashion.

The Cardassians are brutal, but also dedicated to their families. They believe in order and hierarchy, but are prone to betrayal and slipshod maintenance. They don't have much fame as scientists, but all it takes is one person to have one good idea.

That said, I'll join in the fun . . . they're certainly not Science. I'd be tempted to call them Engineering, but the whole "20% of peak is considered acceptable" thing kind of shoots that in the foot for me. That leaves Tactical. I mean, come on, they use arguing to indicate romantic interest!