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02-02-2010, 02:06 PM
Originally Posted by Slamz
The biggest downside to being a support class right now is that the game seems to reward based mostly (entirely?) off of damage dealt.

In looking at it with a science officer guildmate who does a lot of healing, we think healing counts towards your rewards (XP, medals) but definitely not 1 to 1 with damage. And utility abilities like tractor beams, holds, deployable shields, etc, don't give you any points.

In fact, one ground match he was with me the whole time, throwing heals, holds, exposes, etc, and ended up with much less reward than me and even less kills. It seemed like he could throw a hold on someone, trigger an expose, I'd vaporize the guy in one shot and I'd get all of the credit -- he wouldn't even get kill credit since he didn't do any actual damage.

That problem is in my signature roundup of Klingon issues. Be ready to dish out all the DPS you can, even as a support class, or you'll end up shafted on XP and medals.
this was exactly what I was seeing for the short time I was able to play in beta. so while support roles are great, especially if you have some consistency in your team mates, it just really seems to be so skewed to rewarding the damage dealers. and the best way to deal damage is to be tactical, at least at the lower levels.

if someone was able to get up into the higher levels and can provide some information on the higher level abilities and ships and whether that can compensate as engineering or science, I would love to hear about it.

I generally like to play a slightly more rounded role than single focus. on the fed side, playing an engineer in a cruiser worked well. plenty of damage but better survival, especially in ground combat with all the engineer's tricks. but then, the fed side isn't so based on having to do damage. yes, some of the fleet actions are, but it was plenty easy to advance doing episode missions solo.

guess I could try an engineer or science and see how it goes and see if the folks at Cryptic give us more hope for pve advancement.