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02-02-2010, 03:09 PM

yes I am gonna walk away because of that. I am very sorry. I was always dreaming of exploring unknown galaxies and first contacts. LOL.

How would YOU handle it ?
Take the bonus away from the people that didnt order them ?
Give them that ordered the bonus something special on top ?


and dont you see the greediness ? it never stated if you pre-ordered lifetime subscription, liberated (klingon),(human) borg, the other (liberated) races will come to the store soon


P.s.: Africa has nothing to do with it SHAME ON YOU

and for the allocation of the bonus ( what is the plural in english of that ?)
that is just an easy algorithm change made for each retailer, but what the heck do i know

P.p.s.: Somebody who got the name of his/her ship from a vodka brand is not someone I would prefer to hang around with Rach...