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- you introduce yourself to strangers as (firstname)@(lastname)...

- ...and then ask them where Sulu is

- you sit in a bar, drunk and crying over the fact that you canīt find your "Connie"

- you throw silver glitter at robbers to placate them and make your escape

- you then run away from them shouting "evasive maneuver, evasive maneuver" *

- you put your cat in your bag together with a banana split, and then wonder why it hasnīt multiplied next time you check on it

- you donīt take a break at work, you take a downtime

- you tell people that your favourite sport is Fedball

- you see someone in a hospital whoīs on life support, and you go over and ask him if heīs a lifer, because he looks like a liberated Borg (itīs all about the tubes...)

- you buy a car and ask the salesman from which Narcelles you can choose

- you see an old lady with her dog and ask her if her pet was a Del Taco promotion

* who remember the "Boots of escaping"?

Sorry guys (and girls), Iīm bored and tired