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02-02-2010, 02:18 PM
The Cardassians are a very militaristic race and raised to be extremely loyal to Cardassia, this combined with the fact that their education system was considered one of the very best in the whole quadrant (Cardassians enter intense mental training at age 4 which leads to them having both a photographic memory and being immune to telepathic probing such as Vulcan mind melds) makes them a very capable foe. They are known for being elusive, crafty, clever, paranoid and deceitful and though their ships may be inferior to those of some of their enemies, they often use elaborate strategies and tactics to prevail. As a Klingon in an episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine said refering to his experience fighting Cardassians - They have a plan within a plan within a plan leading to a trap. They also are stronger and have better endurace than humans due to Cardassia Prime having higher gravity and a thinner atmosphere.