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02-02-2010, 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by Vadirus View Post
No science vessels didn't get shafted. Here is the reality:

This is a game. As such, the 3 different classes of vessels need to be balanced against one another. So each class has something to complain about (their weaknesses by design) and to brag about (their strengths by design).

Escorts deal the damage. But they are glass cannons - fragile. They don't hold much room on them either.

Cruisers are the tanks. Huge storage, lots of weapon mounts, lots of crew, lots of hull, lots of power (energy to run the systems). But their maneuverability stinks.

Science Ships are the jack-of-all trades. They don't have any real weakness, but they don't have any real strength. They innately can target subsystems and get a bonus to aux power to run all their CC abilities.

Its just the nature of the beast. You'll find the cruiser captains complaining to high heaven about their turn rates, you'll find escort captains complaining they can't take anywhere near as much damage as everyone else, and you'll find the science ship captains complaining about their damage.

Its called game balance. Now go play and do what most do: Focus on building a strength around your game style.

No problem with what you said except that you missed the point! Which is the fact that loot table win conditions are defined by DPS only. So you inadvertably prooved the point since only 1 of your fine "class" description have the condition to over rule others in loot table. This is the part who is not balanced.