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# 1 The Borg BO
02-02-2010, 03:19 PM

I ordered two copies of the game.
one from D2D and one from CDON.DK

I have gotten the rewards (well most of them) from the D2D copy. (and entered that key as early as couple hours ago)
But the Borg BO that should come with the copy from CDON is still a no show.
I entered the key yesterday morning when i recieved the copy.
And key is listed in my account as activated..

The Borg BO was the one and only "reward" i was really looking forward to.

I was just wondering if others who where to recieve a Borg BO havent gotten theirs?

Im worried because it seems i gotten 500 cp somehow.. and i dont think it was mentioned to come with the D2D copy.. so if it turns out that the CDON copy was infact 500 CP and no a Borg BO has advertized then im going to be very sad.