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02-02-2010, 04:05 PM
Did you go with the default name for the ships you've got, or did you choose your own? If you did, why did you choose the names you have?

My listing:

Tier 1: USS Agincourt (Named for the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 when the English trounced the French... again.)

Tier 2:
Science Vessel: USS John Harrison -- The inventor of the Marine Chronometer that enabled accurate finding of longitude, critical for navigation. He was completely self-trained.
Cruiser: USS Endurance -- Named for the ship eventually crushed by the ice on Sir Ernest Shackleton's failed expedition to cross the Antarctic from 1912-1914. They all survived!
Escort: USS Hotspur -- Named for the fictional ship in Hornblower and the Hotspur. A sloop-of-war with 20 small guns. Fitting for a T2 escort.

Tier 3:
Research Vessel: USS Kepler -- Johannes Kepler, astronomer.
Heavy Cruiser: USS Shackleton -- As named above.
Heavy Escort: USS Centurion -- A Roman army rank.

Tier 4:
LRSV: USS Sagan -- After Carl Sagan
ECru: USS James Webb -- Another Astronomer.
TE: USS Resolution -- Looked at a list of British Navy ships-of-the-line and chose one I liked the sound of.

Tier 5:
DSV: USS Palomar -- After the Palomar telescope.
Recon SV: USS Pathfinder -- Felt right for a Recon ship.
Assault Cruiser: USS Repulse -- Another British Navy vessel.
Star Cruiser: USS Amundsen -- Another Antarctic explorer.
Advanced Escort: USS Trafalgar -- After the huge battle during the Napoleonic Wars.
Fleet Escort: USS Audacious -- Another name I liked the sound of, a British ship.