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02-02-2010, 03:15 PM
Pro-Order items need to be claimed in the C-Store once you've entered the activation code, I think. You get to the C-Store via the little down-arrow next to your minimap.

Originally Posted by LUE_The6BillionKgMan
All preorder and bonus items can be used on any character on your account, but are limited to 1 per character.
1 per character, or 1 per account?

That is, can ALL of my characters have a Borg BOff, or is it limited to only 1?

Can ALL of my characters have a Red Matter Capacitor, or only 1?


I know that they're Bind on Pick-Up so they can't be traded, and I know that a single character can only have one of each. But can each character on my account have one of each, or is it one per account?

Anyone know?