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OK, I've found two good and improving character builders thus far from other forum members. I like them both. One is from Durakken. This is my favorite because I can use it on my phone easily. The other one is by Ghley, and it's also nice, but I cannot use it on my phone.

Here is a post Durakken made in an archived thread. Since we can not post there anymore I'm going to repost some of his post so people get his linns and words. I'm confident that someone will repost a link to Ghley's as well. If you have a link to any other good ones, feel free to add them as well.

And a big THANK YOU to Durakken and Ghley for making this ... And Suricata and others for their excellent community contributions too.

excellent IMHO and it works on my phone too!
You don't have to wait for it to load up. in the sig. It's being improved on...

also working on the mark 2 version ^.^ the only thing that won't be up is the tool tip side bar thing by tomorrow morning.
Character Builders

Very good but doesn't work on my phone.