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Chapter 3: Science Fair Experience

Sixth-grade teacher: As we are fast approaching the science fair season, we win here and we go to the planetary final.

Teammate: What do you mean by “we”?

Sixth-grade teacher: The winner of this school goes to the planetary final.

Brianna: We have formed a team.

Sixth-grade teacher: What is the subject?

Teammate: We chose to make it on solid-solid friction.

Once again, I was a science kid but I did not dare to go to a more advanced level as many chartered cheaters would. I decided to use my cheating charter with moderation and, as such, I presented the subject of my team’s science fair. My teammate, who contemplated becoming a chartered cheater this year around, let me do the heavier work because I was supposedly more intellectually resilient than my teammate was.

Brianna: OK, we now know that the formula is KMG sine X, coefficient times mass times gravity times sine of the angle of the surface with the horizon.

Teammate: We have a cheating charter anyway. I don’t care if you present science the way we sixth-graders would usually do, we are immune against cheating accusations.

Brianna: Correction: I have a cheating charter. But you’re right in saying that my cheating charter would protect us from any harm a cheating charge would cause us.

When the local science fair is held, there were so few contestants other than us in the elementary competition, they may as well restrict the local phase to our school. Because everyone else lost interest in science fairs. Or did not see the value of going against an overly depleted playing field. Or, worse still, lost all interest in science because of a couple of cheaters, who are regarded by teachers to have an insurmountable advantage.

Brianna: Come closer! Come closer! There’s your chance to see the mechanics of friction!

Teammate: Smooth surfaces have a higher contact surface than rough surfaces.

Brianna: Also, static electricity has a role to play in friction.

Science fair competitor 1: You… cheated! Little chartered cheaters!

Local juror: There is no proof that Brianna cheated!

Brianna: We were completely honest!

When the recess came, I come out to see what the dozen or so teams that were willing to enter the competition had as far as subjects went. The subjects were well-chosen, in general, but it is the shoddy presentation and science that cost them everything. Of course, for the competitors, the time has come to eat the food that the organizers have brought to us. As each piece of food we got was important to gain the energy we need to keep explaining our stuff to the public who came.

Science fair competitor 2: You… are just freaks. At least you have enough brains to get a cheating charter before you even tried your hands at this!

Local juror: This is not the time to judge competitors down.

Customer 1: Brianna, why are you competing in such an advanced subject?

Customer 2: You’re a fantastic cheater in exams, but what good are you outside of an exam context of cheating?

Brianna: I didn’t even cheat here! Sure, I may cheat elsewhere but for the science fairs I wouldn’t. Because the field is so depleted anyway.

Sixth-grade teacher: Come, Brianna. The results are being announced.

Local juror: The winner is… Friction coefficient by Brianna Reiss!

Teammate: Don’t forget me!

This meant that I won and I did my best. For the first time in my life that I felt that I actually won something in an honest manner. I didn’t cheat and the people seemed to assume that I wouldn’t achieve anything without cheating simply because I am under the public eye precisely for my achievements in cheating. Also, I had to get ready for the planetwide final round, six weeks later.

Troublemaker 1: I’m so sick and tired of Brianna getting under the limelight each and every time! What about we get at her during the planetwide final?

Troublemaker 2: I’m still not convinced that she is a brilliant girl deep down herself.

Brianna: Today is the day where we will have the opportunity to show the entire world that I can make do without cheating.

The whole thing was made in Melkaen with the historical arena being used as the venue for the competition. It was deemed safe because no competitor had anything that could possibly destroy or damage the venue. But the field was somewhat larger and better than at the last show. The primary school representatives for the Lagdou region, us, are ready to duke it out against our foes.

Planetary juror: Let the competitions begin!

Customer 3: Brianna, what can cause friction?

Brianna: Static electricity, for one, and also hysteresis in the case of pneumatic equipment. Look, this could mean either underinflated tires or, in some cases, overinflated.

Teammate: But also because the surfaces are rough.

To get back at me, since he failed getting a cheating charter, or perhaps because I wasn’t stumped by things I am supposed to know to the extent many chartered cheaters are, the troublemakers went to the trouble of going to Melkaen and using the recess to sneak into the enclosure, then damaged every stand they could before the security guards caught them. Also, my teammate left the stand we were assigned to when recess time came. When he returned, he saw a pile of sabotaged stands; even ours wasn’t spared. However, since we were the ones who could best explain the thing despite the damage sustained by the stands we were operating, we were among the favorites to win. Until the moment where the jurors made their announcements…

Planetary juror: We are facing widespread accusations of cheating: everyone is responsible. If people here hold cheating charters, competition will be officially held only among the chartered cheaters.

Brianna (flashes cheating charter): This is my cheating charter.

Planetary juror: Anyone else have cheating charters? (The arena falls silent) The coefficient friction team is officially declared victorious!

But this time around, our sentiment of fulfillment was hollow because the others cheated and were caught cheating. Thank heavens that my cheating charter saved us. This meant that we won by default. We were simply swimming on a wave of confidence for the past few weeks until we were called for the Iron Fang provincial final, in which case the planetary government gave us a sponsorship so we could afford to go to the provincial final. The facilities themselves were majestic. We never expected to go compete in such a place in our lifetimes.

Lyran juror: Let the competition begin!

The competitors just keep getting better and better. This means that the competition is going to be rougher and rougher as we advance through every step of the competition. The tournament was of a pretty high standard despite the lack of involvement of the Lyrans themselves as far as competition goes. We were considered the underdogs by many people, though.

Lyran juror: And the winners are: the balance temperature team!

Brianna: We lost… After all we did to just be there!

I lived a bitter disappointment from our devastating defeat. That is not to say that we were no good; just that Lyrans did it better than we did. It is such a crushing blow that I swore hard science off for the rest of my life. But I broke this oath on several occasions. That is expected since I would later have to go to college to fulfill my dream of entering the Lyran Starfleet. My teammate would just swear science fairs off.