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02-02-2010, 04:38 PM
- Beards that DON'T have a mustache
Not everyone keeps their mustache, I would kinda like more options for facial fuzz

- As has been said | Casual Clothes for Risa
I always feel overdressed when i just beamdown in my uniform

- Also been said | Smaller Borg parts
The doc was able to remove alot of Seven's borg parts, yet 30 years later no-one can remove this satilite dish from my head?.
Starfleet Medical has reverted to the Dark ages!
Damn it Cryptic I'm a Doctor not a Cable Guy!

- Darker "black"
If your making a subtle stealth-ish unform your not gonna blend in well wilth Pitch black in your "Midnight Grey" slacks,

- More "Organic" head peices!
More horns!

- Name the Parts better or Change the Varients
If I want to make a cardassian I'm gonna have to search for all the "scaled" instead of a Part that states "Cardassian", or How about adding some more Varients (if its not viable to remane the parts) that are presets of Canon races which can be made via the Creator

- An option that Highlights the Uniform your captain is using
By this I mean If I'm editing my BO for the first time and I forgot what uniform style I'm using when i edit said BO "Starfleet Uniform B1" or something would be highted with a different color, Say the color of your Career?

All I can think fo for now