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02-02-2010, 05:00 PM
Originally Posted by Insane4cefed View Post
I have a few questions..

1. How many members do you typicaly have online at 5pm-8pm server times?

2. Does your fleet do alot of team play?

I am a science pilot and plan to spec out in every way possible to be a group asset, but in doing so I have sacrificed alot of solo playablility in some of the combat zones. I find it terribly difficult to get random players to team up so that everyone can split loot/rewards.

I am looking for a fleet I can be apart of, be valuable to for my ship/playstyle choices, and hopefully make friends with its members.
1) Thats pretty much prime time for us. Just with the players we've picked up from beta and pre launch I'd say at least 20 minimum. But that was before the game was released. I'm sure that number is about to skyrocket.

2) Yes we group up alot. Mainly because its just more fun that way.

By all means lemme know if ya wanna come check us out.