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Originally Posted by Dapuma View Post
It said im fighting at level 10 but i didnt get promoted yet i have 6100 points

i thought i had to spend 6700 to rank up and get my new ship? So how does that work?

I can choose any ship i want in the shipyard right? Or do i have to pay for the ship with something else?
In order: To get promoted, you need to spend 6,700 points. This will likely happen sometime around the time you're Lieutenant 11. You will not get promoted until you spend the requisite minimum amount of points.

You're then offered a quest (that you must be on Earth Stardock personally to complete) and a Plaque that is good for one ship upon turn-in: An Escort, Cruiser, or Science Vessel.

Each ship has 3 base models that you can mix-and-match parts with. Any other ships you want to acquire must be purchased with Energy credits.