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Seasons 1&2 were mostly butt except for a handfull of episodes from each. On the other hand, seasons 3&4 were excellent with only a hand full of episodes from each not worth watching. The best of these was "In a Mirror Darkly I&II". Which makes it the 800th episode of Star Trek to ever air, either way you count the pilot of TOS.

I was really disappointed when I read on Memory Alpha with what they planned to do in season 5 of the show. Combs character Shraan was going to become a bridge officer on Enterprise! They were going to visit the Cloud City! And they were even going to do an episode based on the Caitians, which has never been done (as live action) on screen before! They were also going to re-visit the Mirrorverse to show how the empire was developing under Empress Sato, and show us some kind of tradition where all the different regional governments pay tribute in gifts. Not sure where that was going, and now we'll probably never know. So sad.

Yeah...When I heard they killed it...I was sad...I knew they had actual story lines for up to a concluding 7th season...but there are conflicting rumors at how far they were developed. Shraan was supposed to join the crew out of loyalty to Archer. but not a full member of Starfleet...He was to be, like Phlox and T'Pal an "Advisor"

They were going to fully introduce the rest of the NX class...and supposedly the Warp 6 Engine project, as well as several other fan requests from the last 30 years that never made it into any series. There was even a rumor that the Ferengi show up again...but still remain anonymous.

That episode was fun...I liked it. Some people were mad...but they did it right. They NEVER said they were Ferengi.....