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02-02-2010, 04:16 PM
Originally Posted by Waffleuk View Post
are you talking TV or in game?

I would expect T4 escorts in game to dish out considerably more damage than cruisers since they can equip more forward facing weaponry and can equip cannons, where cruisers cannot.

Cruisers are capable of sustaining far more damage than the escorts though.
What good is a forward facing weapon if you can't turn to face forwards? NOTHING will stay in the front 45 degree arc, PvE or PvP.

If I kill something behind me (which is where everything is), and I'm outside the loot range (which is pathetically small), it takes me 75 seconds to turn 180, fly back, pick it up, turn back around and head to the next waypoint/enemy. Given the 90% chance it's just a battery, I'm blowing off loot right and left because it's just bloody infuriating.

And that's the key here. I really enjoyed my Miranda. I LOVED my Cruiser, more than my Miranda. My Heavy Cruiser was a bit slower but a lot heavier, loved it more.

I'm hating the Galaxy. Fights that I enjoyed now suck because of this mechanic. They're not harder, more difficult, or even more challenging. MY SHIP is the hardest part of these fights. The damn thing won't move and it's so frustrating I'm going to level up through Captain in my Heavy Cruiser with Mk VIIII weapons, simply because it's a better ship.

The Exploration Cruiser is not:
- More fun, it sucks and is frustrating.
- More powerful, it has more bays that can't be used unless they're beams because nothing is in the front 270 of the ship and you're not bringing it around.
- More effective, I can kill at almost the same rate, but moving group to group, or dropping back to pick up loot is a HUGE pain.

In short, I was demoted at Captain by given a piece of crap ship as punishment.