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02-02-2010, 05:20 PM
Originally Posted by wildfyre010 View Post
The only thing that matters here is whether or not, in a coordinated encounter, there's a clear advantage for one side or the other.
Yes it is the only thing that matters, and in a coordinated encounter on both sides, the Feds are actually at a very slight advantage on most tiers.

Cloaking breaks PvP in a way that can't readily be addressed. Canon is one thing, but the practical reality of creating a balanced PvP environment has to come first. Either nerf cloaking (likely) or give the Feds something with which to compensate.
Feds have abilities to compensate. There are skills that will find Cloaked ships and reveal them. Firing on ships with torpedos as they are cloaking will rock a ship. (Two HYT's to a cloaking T2 BoP will kill it just about every time).

The fact that people don't fully understand this as of yet doesn't mean the system is broken, it means that the people aren't yet skilled. You can't expect to pick up a game and be on par with people who have been playing it for a while and learning to work together. You have unrealistic expectations if you think you should be able to.

As someone who played Klingon for a good amount of time in OB, I can tell you hands down that the reason that the Klingons are beating us right now is because they spent the time, took the lumps, and for two weeks got their butts handed to them nearly endlessly for many hours until they figured out what they were doing wrong.

Times are changing. With the Retail Launch coming in you're going to find some Klingon pugs as someone mentioned, and you're going to see the marked difference in your ability to kick them around.

In my time as playing a Klingon I got incredibly frustrated in the PvP because all we did was lose. I haven't started PvPing as a Feddie since I switched back to them (I played Feddie in CB and Klingie in OB), but I can tell you from looking down the barrel of the phaser ball - the Fed ships are not underpowered in comparison.

They do, however, require skilled, team-oriented pilots.