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02-02-2010, 04:23 PM
+1 For First Person View.. I actually was blown away I couldn't zoom into 1st person.. Especially in ground mode, like wtf?! Now when I'm fighting on the ground and zoom all the way in, my screen is covered with my ugly bent over ass and I can't see to my left side!! I've died many times crouched zoomed in attacking an enemy with no clue I was being flanked from the left.. To add to the spoilage, when zoomed in full, it lags so much more because it has to display my character shooting as well lagging and many times crashing my computer..

A response would be nice to maybe clarify the reason we can't have first person?? Oh well.. I have 1 mission I havent done and its bugged so I guess I'm off to the same fleet action to repeat over and over until I level and get more missions...