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02-02-2010, 04:30 PM
Originally Posted by Waffleuk View Post
I think you missed the point of my comment that escorts can equip more forward facing weapons (and cannons). Escorts have the agility to ensure that their targets are in their forward firing arc wheras cruisers do not.

I would absolutely agree that it is pointless for a slow, lumbering, cruiser to equip weaponry with very limited fire arcs.

That is why escorts will have higher dps.
Sorry, I misread. I'm just very tired and frustrated. Took a couple of days off to grind through the ranks I'd already seen many times to get to the new content, and slam full tilt into this miserable disappointment.

I'm an afk tank. AFK because I can't move or turn so the only weapons that I can bring to bear are the ones autofiring, and trying to turn is pointless, so I just drive into the middle of a group and sit there auto firing while chatting with my friends about other's not like I can actually participate in the combat, it's more like the combat is going on around me and I'm the fat guy who has to sit because he's out of breath and no one will play with.