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02-02-2010, 04:29 PM
Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
Don't try "hull tanking". That just doesn't work. If the enemies are hitting you hard enough to actually get your shields down, then your hull is going to be slagged in about 10 seconds. As soon as your shields are down, the next torpedoes or mines that hit you do massive damage.
Bear in mind I didn't suggest trying to hulltank. I said that you shouldn't be afraid, in a cruiser, to hull tank a little bit. One of the biggest mistakes a Cruiser captain can make is freaking out if their shields are about to fall and trying to spam power over to that side like its going out of style. This can leave you open elsewhere for a more deadly salvo.

Your better option is to start to turn, rotate the power three or four clicks at most and if the shield falls you won't be too bad off if you're just taking cannon/beam fire, it's just the mines and torpedos you really have to worry about.

Ending a battle at 60-75% hull shouldn't even phase a Cruiser pilot in the slightest if it's a tougher battle. Ending a battle at 30% means you've taken the statement of "don't be afraid to let your hull get hit" way out of proportion to "you can just hull tank".