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# 1 Team Difficulty
02-02-2010, 05:49 PM
The scaling in teaming is terrible Cryptic. I want to team up with my fleet member who is 14 levels below me but we can't complete *anything* because all the baddies are scaled to me. Playing out missions when every single bad guy is level-scaled to the highest level player *does not* play out in a scaled manner and you're making the game unplayable for people who aren't near-identical in level.

My fleet member shouldn't be penalized and made to rip his hair out because I want to come along and play the low level missions with him again!

I don't want the missions to be a breeze but I do want them to play out how they would if we were the same level. Scale the higher level players down, not all the baddies up. I don't mind my level 2 turrets and medical generators being scaled down or even being made unusable, or having my health and damage scaled down to the lowest level player but don't penalize players for wanting to enjoy a game together just because they aren't the same level.

I am the one who is levels above, make the scaling apply to *me* not everything else, that is a scapegoating tactic that simply isn't working.

A better mechanic needs to be made here Cryptic, the current one is forcing any players not of the same level to have to distance themselves. I play with my family and I want to enjoy the time I play with them, I shouldn't be forced into having to not play, roll a new character or keep dying time and time again just to do a quest with them just because I play more often and leveled up.