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02-02-2010, 04:56 PM
Originally Posted by Syvar View Post
I didnt launch with wow, But I did launch with LOTRO, vanguard, ***, warhammer, Darkfall and champions.... The only game that had queues on launch was darkfall.

This is epically sad. Hour plus wait to get in on headstart.... you will not be able to play on launch.

Cryptic has failed yet again.
***@ launch everyone is on private instance anyway so no need to queue.
Vanguard had more tumbleweeds than players.
Darfail.Same but they made the tumbleweeds queue with players.
Warhammer- had lots of queues on lots of servers until people found out how badly mythic killed the IP

TBH id rather wait and find lots of folk ingame than get in right away to find just an echo for company.