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A guild member showed me his today and my eyes popped out at how overpowered the thing is.

Passive buff: +25 to all ships power levels
Active buff: +25 to all shows power levels for x seconds (with a crazy cooldown like 15 minutes)

This clearly shines as the best pratical preorder bonus item by far. While I'm only slightly jealous, I'm more concerned at how much of an edge this thing will give you in pvp. If they happen to be a borg captain, and have a borg bridge officer that's another +10 to power levels at all times.

So a player could be pvping with....

135 weapons
85 shields
55 engines
55 aux

At all times... passively requiring no cool downs and not adding additional buffs from trained skills. My constructive suggestion to balance the RMC would be to lower the passive bonus to +10, lower the active bonus cooldown to 1 minute and 30 seconds so you can use it more often.

What say you?

-edit- Since people continue to think I want the red matter capacitor balanced around how it's currently working and not the bugged stats that show up when you look at it in chat, those of you are incorrect. I was deceived along with many others. "As is" with just a single +25 buff on its long cooldown and taking up a device slot, I'm inclined to say it's a bit underpowered for a blue item and could use either the cooldown slightly reduced or the duration it buffs your ship bumped up. For those of you who got the point and helped expose the fact linking items in chat is bugged at the moment, thank you for posting constructively. Shame on Cryptic for letting the game get released in such an unfinished state.