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02-02-2010, 06:55 PM
Originally Posted by Aeleys
i have just crashed again 4th time.

and have no idea whats casuing it.

i set my max fps to 60 turned off AA. also clocked my GPU fan speed up.

comon people someone must have a clue. lol
well did u try using the /maxfps but setting it to 30 instead of 60? I know it hurts to have to do that but until cryptic addresses this issue there really isnt much else you can do. If the /maxfps command doesnt work then i am at a lost 9% of ppl crashing due to heat was because of cryptics code telling your machine to try and produce the max fps thereby causing serious heat ups and in some cases from other posters a loss of their gpu.

Try 30 fps and monitor heat with riva tuner and. Hopefully with all the posts of ppl saying its only STO that they will fix the issue.