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02-02-2010, 07:45 PM
If the cloak put off weapons like full impulse its pretty useless. Because when you uncloak you have no weapon power.

Draining just shields is enuogth. They start from 0 to its desired value.

Same goes for feds. The take the klings out one by one too.

BC can be a livesaver i used rigth but thats it. And its not a death out free card. All torps fired just before cloaking hit the hull. I wasted in KvK some BoP who were just about cloaking out. You just have to fire the torps rigth.

Oh and donīt forget that bops have the lowest hull of all ships.

Getting out of combat with another ship than the BoP is way harder. you have to get fully out of combat to recloak and thats not that easy.

And if feds do it rigth BoPs will melt away and have no time to cloak out.