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02-02-2010, 08:04 PM

Ok, this request comes up quite a bit so here are the basics that I use to help pick roles for people.

How much time do you have to play?
  • If you want to finish the game during your free month and do not care about stopping to smell the roses - choose a Tactical Officer piloting an Escort ship.
  • If you plan on playing at least one month to three months - choose an Engineer piloting either a Cruiser or a Science ship.
  • If you want to go a little slower and play for more than a month - choose a Science Officer piloting a Science Ship for you.
TACTICAL OFFICER piloting an Escort Ship - I chose this combination for you because the Escort ships are fast, loot fast and kill things fast. Completing quests fast gives you fast rewards and you level fast. Escort ships shine with Tactical Officers who can increase the damage output of their weapon systems.

ENGINEER OFFICER piloting either a Cruiser or a Science Ship - This combination strengthens either ship, allowing you to take more damage and survive, keeping yourself, your crew and your ship alive longer. If you get a console or two that helps with damage output this combination should be enjoyable.

SCIENCE OFFICER piloting a Science Ship - As you know a Science Officer can pilot any of the ships, but their strengths focus on healing, debuffing and playing tricks on the bad guys. Since this is extremely fun I want you to take your time; make some friends and build some relationships. People will love you and don't you deserve that?