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02-02-2010, 08:24 PM
Originally Posted by unmort View Post
The Cloak is a get out of death free card, It should drain weapons or speed as impluse does. Its very over powered to have four birds cloak and take out your team one by one.

Also Spawning is an issue in pvp... but hell who listens to me.

We pay for our cloak in hull. Also contrary to it seems every single fed's belief, not everyone has a BoP, cloaking drops your shields, and the tier 1 BoP can't cloak in combat. The tier2 BoP battle cloak is by no means a "get out of death free card" you have to survive 3 seconds usually of focus fire, with no shields and usually a good chunk out of your hull. Shields do NOT regen while you're cloaked so you're out of the fight for a long time while you run, decloak, wait for shields, run back. While you're out of the fight usually any raptor pilots in the fight are dead, and often some nonce decides to run in and get themselves killed repeatedly.