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02-02-2010, 09:13 PM
Originally Posted by CreativePhobia
Not this again.

No. You're asking Cryptic to make the durable class agile as well. Isn't going to happen, because if it does, there's no reason to pick any other ship. Suck it up or pick a science vessel like the rest of the whiners.
A turn rate of 7 or 8 is not "agile" for top tier cruiser. Saying "go pick science vessel" is tantamount to admitting that cruisers are broken and should not be equal to other classes.

Here's a great comparison: The Negh'Var has a turn rate of 9 and 2500 crew so it is practically the most durable cruiser in the game. It's also a tier higher than the Galaxy class. If you boosted the Galaxy's turning rate to 7, it would still be out-turned by every Klingon ship in the game. This would not be overpowered.