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02-02-2010, 10:23 PM
Covariants are really the only shields worth using in a PVP setting. Shield regeneration isn't going to help you at all when you have multiple players focus firing on you. I think the PvE difficulty has been scaled back so much that regenerative is probably the easy button for PvE, but Covariants will always be my favorite when running a cruiser or a science vessel.

As a few posters before me pointed out, an engineer captain with BO skills such as reverse shield polarity, science team, and emergency power to shields has a vast amount of shield damage resist and shield regen skills - so many that by Commander that he shouldn't really need to rely on a high base regen value for his shields at all.

This works in any ship with an engineer captain, and to a lesser degree other captains (EPS Power transfer, Rotate Shield frequency are both really impressive skills). Consider, however, that using covariants in an escort is somewhat of a waste when dealing with a significantly lower shield cap value. The bottom line is, if you're built for defense or doing a lot of pvp, cap is much more important than regen.