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02-02-2010, 09:34 PM
Originally Posted by Anelor
You mean : [Tetryon Dual Cannons Mk VI] and [Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons Mk VI] and those here [Disruptor Turret Mk VI] ?
Yah I use them, but the KDF shield that goes down in 4 seconds even with 9/9 Rapid Fire 1 I have yet to see.

PS.: thats not really a ohh pls nerf, more like: make it reasonable in terms of balancing.
But there is lots to do in the game as of now so ya its not that high on prio ... that i can be admiral in 2 weeks ya thats to be fixed or other things that should be a long term goal. That you can rather do PvP to level instead of doing PvE ... not saying klingons have no choice ...
It's called resistance buffs and shield dmg reduction buffs. Those that provide shield damage reduction are also drastically increasing shield regen for the short time they last, like 30 sec or so. Those that provide resistance boosts, to all damage or all energy damage are also repairing the hull of any bleedthrough damage. these also last 15-30 seconds. Then there's Reverse shield Polarity that makes your energy attacks (cannon and beam shots of all types) heal the shield instead of damaging it.

A BoP or Fed Cruise can both have at least 1 engineer and 1 science officer that provide these heal/buffs. Many of which can be applied to yourself or your ally. Just as firing your weapons when you have an ally selected will switch you to their target, using a heal/buff that works on allies as well as yourself will switch from your target to your ally that your target was firing on. So for example if everyone that was shooting at you had Science Teams 1 and used it, they'd automatically shift to your target to apply that shield heal and shield damage reduction buff to them.

So in the future when you see your target surviving a lot of damage, or you're having trouble breaking their shields, look at the little icons under the target id box top center of your screen. Green border = buff orange border = debuff. You can even mouse-over them to see what buffs/debuffs they are.