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02-02-2010, 09:46 PM
Originally Posted by OpenSorce View Post
Yup. Both sides do it. It doesn't belong in the lore of Star Trek or in PvP of ANY game. Ask any PvP'er they'll tell you that when a game implements CC is when the PvP goes bad.
And yet there are many games that base entire classes on CC. Everquest for example, or if you want a more recent example how about the "Loremaster" in LOTRO?

CC is only as bad as those who can't deal with it.

Granted Both sides need fair access to that CC. IT's what allows strategies and higher meta-gameplay to be devoloped. Anyone can mash "1" and "2" over and over again, DPSing isn't hard. You can train a monkey to mash two buttons at specific times, that means with enough training you could get a monkey to play ground PvP, he would expose someone, then switch weapons and exploit attack them.

Are you a monkey? Didn't think so.

If you want fairness, how about the fact that despite everything in the game, it feels like starfleet has a much larger chance to get exposes on klingons, while the opposite is not true. In one ground pvp match that unfortunately wasn't very full (it was 3 of us versus 7 feds..Lovely queue system right?) I saw 2 exposes the entire match. But me and my team-mates got vaporized more times then I wish to recount.

And yes, we all had expose weapons, I even checked halfway through.

Anyways back to the topic. CC.

They already have diminishing returns in place for holds, roots, and stuns. I think it just needs to be adapted a little better, and tweaked a bit on durations.