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02-02-2010, 09:49 PM
There area few things I feel are missing from this game. Now I haven't been playing long so I don't know if things change further into the game, but I do have a few suggestions to the game.
I would like to refer to Star Wars Galaxies as some ideas. as I played STO I realized the whole game is fight fight fight. It seemed like the map was created just for the missions there isn't realy any exploring. its all based on the mission. in SWG they basiclly created half planets and lots of them. you could explore.
also in SWG you had you own ships. when you got the larger ships you could walk around in the ship and have friends in the ship as it flies. that would be something to think about in STO.
the space stations were only made with important mission locations. it would be cool if you could walk around the station to places like the holodeck, mess hall, bridge, quarters, ect
I would also suggest resizing some things like the doors in the stations. why are they 10x bigger than the people going through them. if this is based on star trek shouldn't the doors be based on them as well.
when the STO idea first came out they taked about all this.
giving voices aswell as paragraphs for the missions.
so far from playing this game, I don't believe this game is worth paying a monthly fee of $17 CAD. I know its just getting started but the graphics are poor. the map is small compared to other MMO games that have monthly fees. the realism compared to Star trek is low. things that were advertised wern't there or were drasticly overstated.
all in all I would like to see more being able to move around inside your ships, more space and land map that can be used for both missions and other,

other suggestions to the game are welcome on this thread