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02-02-2010, 10:05 PM
Originally Posted by NoOtherDestiny
I played some ground PvP last night. One game, on my side (klingon), we had a Tactical (stealther) who could basically 2/3 shot kill anyone, not sure how he was doing it, but he was, because I witnessed it around 10 times that match. In another match there was a guy hitting me for 430~ with sniper shot when I wasn't exposed, I didn't have red circle and didn't disintergrate from the death. Then there was another where this person used stasis field (science hold which I am also science and use) on me around 6 times that one game and everytime exposed me, and it is only a 10% chance, so either I was extremely unlucky or there is something going on that allows for extreme damage or easy expose chances?

Just my 2 cents from what I've experienced since release (though I've played CB, OB and headstart).

There is some strange stuff going on in ground pvp, 100% sure.

I had a Fed tonight that was hitting like you are talking about... hitting for about 300 per shot. This was not a charged shot or split beam, it fired like it was the standard beam from a phaser rifle. 2 shots killed me, he switched to another target and killed them in 2 shots, then went on to others... I watch as I was dead. This was not expose/exploit damage and was not sniper rifle because there was no charge or laser sight. Obviously he could have been switching two exploit rifles but there was no cooldown between his shots, just one after another, and no animation for swapping weapons.

I also saw what the OP is talking about. Don't think it was the same player but in two rounds tonight there was someone who was firing at range and must have had at least a 90% expose chance. Every time I was stunned for the entire expose timer. Played at least 30 games and everything seemed on the level until those two games and it was the same crew in both, three had ambassador titles but I don't remember the names. And yes I checked the logs but nothing seemed strange.

This is a new game and exploits are surely out there. Can't say for sure what they were doing but it was not on par with any other game I played in open beta or since head-start began. I did say something to their team and not one of them would say anything after asking a couple of times.