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02-02-2010, 11:20 PM
First question, some people don't like the fact that it's not true "space" 3d, you are limited in your maouverability and where you can go, you can't fly upside-down for example, also 1-11 is rediculously easy, you hardly even need to rotate your shields. People also 1-11 only get to experience the Miranda, which is slow as hell and is about as manouverable as a tank. Klingon BoP and escorts are far more nippy. This beign said, i can't recall seeing many ST battles where ships do anything but fly straight and jink a bit, much like it is in the game.

Some people get annoyed at certain weapons firing arcs, i don't know why, they just do. Generally the wider the firing arc, the less DPS it does, so i see no issue with that one.

Second question, yep, free first month with retail purchase.