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# 1 Petition -- forum layout
02-02-2010, 10:39 PM
Can we please get the front page of the forum's layout back to it's old usable format? I think this is twice now someone has flipped back to it's obfuscated mode. It's unhelpful.

Yes, I know "No petitions," but this is
  1. Simple usability.
  2. The forums are for us. Let us see what's happening at a glance.
  3. New users or prospective users seeing a TON of content/posts will be more inclined to explore the forums.
  4. The only valid reason I can think of to 'hide' content in this way is so one at the aforementioned 'glance' sees a "STO SUCKS **** YOU JACK" subject. They'll see it anyway, in very, very short order since people are fundamentally stupid in posting that crap and resisting them is futile.
  5. It just looks bad, like it is now. Visually, design wise, etc.

Specifically, -- it's better for it to list everything.

If there is an honest business reason to leave it gimped, please share with us, Cryptic. What is it? Cheers.