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02-02-2010, 11:39 PM
Originally Posted by LazerLight
I kinda find it really hard to believe you made it all the way to 50.. and played all the content on the way there in just a couple days..

Im not saying your not 50.. Just saying, if i had to guess you did a ton in fleet action skipping tons of content which would give you BO skill points

cause as ive been lvlling.. I find it impossible to do all the content without, out lvling it.. soo im skiping stuff left and right, Or by the time i get to it its 2-3 lvls below me.. Now i have 4 systems and 6-8 of the stand alone missions.. and ill out lvl it in just a few more lvls.. No way am i seeing all of it before i pass it.

(personally i wish there was a way to turn of XP so i dont have to worry about out lvling Perhaps ill make a post about it)

As for aid missions.. they work now.. I like um, they feel like startrek.. but they definatly need work in those non kill aspecs.. best way to avoid them if you dont like them.. just delete the mission.
Actually I only did the fleet actions to complete the missions then never looked back. I did all the missions in my book, even the ones that were lower level. Granted I didn't play through absolutely everything. By the way, the cap is level 45 and I have 35,038 BOFF skill points available to spend......

As you said, if you don't like the missions, delete them. This is exactly what I do.

Something that I forgot to add to my list: Along with the above mentioned changes to exchange, would be nice if we could sort the items by name/price.